All About Luxury Footprints

A dream location is always worth sharing!

    Investing in properties was always a kind of rush for the owners of and its villas.

    Their kind of properties are certainly a diverse mix yet there was always something special and personal about them and although long term investment was always going to be the reason, the properties of choice had to strike up a kind of nostalgic feeling for the family in order to purchase and proceed.

    Mani in the Peloponese had the calm yet wild environment the family craved. The people took them back to the hospitable roots of simplicity in Greeks that exists far away from Athens.

    Miami and Antigua, though immediate investments in a time of real estate markets booming, made the owners feel they could escape far away if needed.

    Thailand came about after many many trips and lending a hand during the tsunami in Phuket. The people of Thailand struck a chord with the family and still today they travel there one, two times a year.

    Mykonos, the most personal and close to heart of all, remains the family’s second home when it’s no rented, after spending close to 50 years of summers on the island they call our ‘paradise home’.

    A dream location is always worth sharing!